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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Maximize Your Deposit Refund by Minimizing Your Pet’s Presence

Denton Tenant with a Piggy Bank and a Cute CatIf you are the same as most tenants, you think about the moment on when you will acquire your security deposit back. Unfortunately, owning a pet while renting a home may lessen your likelihood of acquiring a full refund. Even though your landlord might allow pets, it’s up to you to ensure that your pet doesn’t damage the property. If you don’t take precautions in advance to make sure that they are properly cared for and well-behaved, you could end up losing your deposit or even pay more for any damage caused by your pet. The great news is that as a pet owner and a renter, there is more you can do to alleviate the effect your pet will have on your rental property.

One of the best ways to shield both your pet and your Denton rental home is to ensure that your pet is clean and healthy. Regularly bathing and grooming your pet can help keep them comfortable and reduce unpleasant odors that can accumulate on furniture, walls, and carpeting. You must also carry out necessary steps to keep your pet free of fleas or other pests, which can infest a home as well as harm your pet’s health. Preventing fleas is much easier than trying to remove them later, so it is beneficial to be consistent about it.

One more very important way to shield your rental home from unwanted damage is to properly train and supervise your pet. Pets like cats and dogs must be trained to use a litter box or a patch of grass to eliminate waste. If such training does not transpire, pets can urinate or worse inside the rental home, leading to severe damage to walls, floors, and even fixtures. Once carpeting has been urinated on, it is very hard to get completely clean again. As another option, ensure that you provide your pet with an appropriate place to do their business.

In case accidents really do occur, enzyme products should be used to completely remove the smell of pet urine and to discourage your pet from going back to that same spot. Unwanted urination, chewing, and other habits are also the repercussions of leaving a pet home alone for hours or even days at a time. Even pets left in the yard all day will dig holes, chew up sprinkler lines and plants, and cause other types of damage. There are several means to keep your pet and your property secure while you are away, from having somebody look after them throughout the day to crate training them. Being a tenant, it is essential to suitably supervise your pet or risk losing your security deposit when you move out.

Lastly, to diminish the negative effects of your pet in your rental home, it is essential to repeatedly clean up after them. Pet waste should be promptly and correctly disposed of, and pet beds, kennels, cages, or other areas cleaned frequently. Pets who live in dirty conditions can contract a wide range of diseases, lots of which they can transfer to individuals. Dirty pets, yards, and homes also tend to attract insects and unwanted pests, which present further health risks and can cause further damage to the property.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, but it doesn’t have to intervene with getting your security deposit back. By initiating certain positive measures, you can make sure that you, your pet, and your home are clean and properly cared for.

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